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  Lose Weight – B SLIM
B Slim  

  1. The commonest problem on earth today is being overweight or obesity. No one likes to look fat. Everyone wants to look slim, young, attractive, and gorgeous. Overweight or obesity is an age-old problem.

  2. It is a universal problem affecting men, women and children. Accumulation of excessive fat in the adipose tissue causes the condition of obesity.

  3. Obese person not only has distorted physical figure but also paves way to lot of health problems. Obese person is normally a person with less self-confidence, invites many ailments and diseases, and is more prone to diseases.

  4. Due to obesity, one is not able to do his or her own work properly and thus tends to become more lazy and depressed. Coronary thrombosis, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, liver & gall bladder disorders, gout, and other diseases are the most common disorders coupled with obesity. Overeating, irregular eating habits, eating incompatible food mixings, skipping breakfast or lunch, hereditary obesity, stress, depression and so on are causes of obesity.

  5. Regular exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, and so on, controlling the bad eating habits, and doing physical work to avoid weight gain is a must.

Weight Loss Tips :

  1. Drink the lemon juice mixed with honey in warm water first thing in the morning. This will help you reduce the accumulated fat.

  2. Eat healthy breakfast of orange juice, corn flakes, or dal sprouts or moong sprouts, or fruits with a cup of milk.

  3. Please avoid butter, cheese, all oily foods, fried snacks and sugary foods.

  4. Take 2 slices of bread toast or khakhras and jam for breakfast. In the midmorning, can drink either a fruit juice or vegetable salad.

  5. You can take 1 to 2 glasses of lemon juice or any other fresh fruit juices at any time of the day without sugar. Or you can take 1 glass of ‘chaas’ (butter milk) at any time of the day. 

  6. Eat a vegetarian meal for lunch. Instead of meat you can eat beans veg sandwich without butter and cheese just put chatni ( coriander garlic paste). You'll consume less fat and saturated fat, which is important for loosing weight. 

  7. Raw vegetable salad also can be taken for lunch. You can even take buttermilk with green coriander leaves, salt, grated ginger, and pinch of asafetida. This helps in digestion.  

  8. Try coconut water, or dry fruits, or lemon tea or vegetable soup in the evening. Steamed vegetables with chapattis, and seasonal fruit salad would be filling. 

  9. Always try low calorie diet. Cabbage, which does not allow the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, is good for weight reduction.  
  10. Drink lots of water at least 12 to 14 glasses of water during the day. 

Importance of Drinking Water :-

We have to drink plenty of water and that too in the morning only because very early in the morning we get up & go to the toilet, brush our teeth and take bath. Similarly our inner organs also do their cleansing process, do repair works, salvage the blood cells etc. In doing so the process the wastage, foreign material & toxins, cough and mucus which was accumulated in the body gets expelled from the body and detoxify and cleanse the systems of the body and makes it fresh. The nature is ready to clean the inner parts by 4.00 a.m. and completes its work late to late by 7.00 a.m. It is therefore, it is best to drink lot of water just whilst rising from the bed early in the morning  

Many weight-reducing products are available in the market and online also however one may not be saved from the side effects and harmful effects due to them.

During the past few decades there has been so much outstanding advancement taken place in the modern medical field, in preventing, curing, & treatment for many incurable ilnesses. Similarly there has been so much advancement in overcoming obesity or fatness or over weight, which has been successfully, eluded the modern medicine. So many fitness fundas globally going on but whatever might be the achievements of modern medicine; it has not yet conquered weight loss treatment. Everyday, new solutions for slimming are coming up for the new generation who is in constant quest for a remedy for this disorder. Ultra modern drugs with loud claims for fat loss and inches loss are being manufactured by so many. Staying trim-n-fit devices are being manufactured & advertised. New and new health fundas advertise fitness & weight reducing programs to attract young & old for their programs but have these at any time helped even to reduce a single kilogram of weight for true.

Home remedies to reduce weight in correct combination with Ayurvedic herb composition will work wonders for perfect weight loss. B-SLIM is an excellent Ayurvedic Herbal Supplement for weight loss. It improves weak digestion and reduces fat disposition from the body. It combines the detoxifying and rejuvenating actions of triphala with the deeply penetrating and cleansing actions of guggulu and punernava.  

B-Slim Tablet :-

Each tablet contains :

120 MG
30 MG
120 MG
PUNARNAVAMOOL(Boerhavia diffus)
15 MG


Well known Ingredients Triphala, Shudh guggulu, Shilajeet Sat, Haldi, Baheda, Amala, Kutki, Punarnavamool, Nishoth, Vaividag in correct proportion used in this preparation helps to gain symmetrical weight loss in the smooth manner without giving any side effects similar to those given by other weight losing products available so much nowadays in the market as well as on the net. At the same time gives balanced reduction of extra body fat without giving any kind of weakness to the body.

Used in herbal health clinics for a long time, has been found to delay ageing, impart longevity, enhance immunity and is valued for its rejuvenative effects. Myrobalans chebulic has been used to treat jaundice, malabsorption, abdominal distension, spleen and live r disorders. It has a detoxifying action and improves metabolism thus disposes fat easily.
Numerous scientific studies have been conducted which reveal the following results: Treatment with Hogweed showed a significant fall in serum triglycerides, cholesterol & lipids. In addition it showed a significant reduction in tissue levels of lipids.

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